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Kuer som beiter
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Go on a hike!

If you are planning to do Norway on a budget, the obvious solution is to bring your tent. The right of access gives you the possibility to put up your tent almost anywhere and for free.

Legislation ensures the right of free access in the countryside to everyone. This means that you can go anywhere on ski or on foot, as long as it is not cultivated land, meadows, pastures and gardens, as well as young plantations, building plots and industrial areas. If you want to put up your tent, you are free to do so in the countryside, as long as you keep at least a 150 metres distance to the nearest house or cabin. In case you would like to stay in the same spot for more than two nights, you need to ask permission from the landowner.


Remember that there are restrictions on open fire between April 15th and September 15th, and that you should always show respect for the countryside and consideration for the farmers and landowners.


Do you want to know more about the right of access? gives further insight!


If camping gets too rough, you can think of joining Norwegian Trekking Association. The membership in 2014 is 310 NOK for those under 26, and it gives you reduced prices in more than 500 cabins an lodges all over Norway. If you put in a small deposit, you will also dispose of the key of un staffed huts where accomodation is simpler but cheaper.


Here is more information on 2014 prices and membership.