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BudapesTeam - It's Our European Life - 3rd prize winner of the EESC video challenge 2012

It's Our European Life

BudapesTeam, a group of Hungarian university students reached third place in 2012 in the video contest of the European Economic and Social Committee.

BudapesTeam, a group of Hungarian students made a short video for the video contest of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) in 2012 and reached third place. The topic was the following: 'What does Europe means to you?' They dealt with issues like travelling, festivals, exchange programs and green development.


We can read the view of the students under the video on Youtube: "Our stop-motion movie wants to reflect our common thoughts about Europe: how young Europeans see Europe today. We tried to show what we see and what is interesting for us nowadays, not only festivals, but for example also education, environment, rights and democracy. This is how we meet the European Union every day, this is our European life."