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Ju Jitsu - Learn Self-Defence in Iceland

Interested in martial arts and self-defence? Ju Jitsu is fun, challenging, suitable for practically everyone and most importantly, available in Iceland.

Ju Jitsu is a Japanese martial art that teaches you how to defend yourself against attacks by using the opponent's strength. It's a good method for people of all ages to learn self-defence with the added bonus of being a really fun way to get some exercise.
Ju Jitsu teaches you how to deflect an attack in order to give you an opportunity to escape. The goal is not to beat the attacker to a pulp (although that is still an option, when necessary) since Ju Jitsu is first and foremost an art of self-defence. You are also tought how to minimalize damage when falling which is very convenient for people with incurable clumsiness.
If you are worried about not being strong enough to handle bigger and stronger opponents, don't be. It is not necessary to be big and strong to learn Ju Jitsu since its techniques make use of the opponents force against him. Anyone can learn Ju Jitsu, men and women, people of every size, elders and youngsters. Lack of size and strength is no excuse!
Ju Jitsu Iceland offers lessons in Ju Jitsu in Iceland. It's instructors are very patient and diligent at helping each individual to learn the techniques so in case you are a slow learner you can be sure that you'll get a lot of support from the instructors and fellow students alike. Ju Jitsu Iceland does not throw competitions since traditional Ju Jitsu is not a competitive sport. Those who are not competitive can therefore breathe easy. However, just as in other martial arts, you can earn different coloured belts as you progress. Ju Jitsu Iceland regularly throws grading ceremonies where you can try to reach the next level and get a new belt. But there's no pressure. You do it in your own time.
Ju Jitsu Iceland offers specifically female lessons but women are also welcome in the regular lessons since they aren't gender specific. Each person can also attend two test drives, regular lessons you don't have to pay for so you can try it out before making a commitment.
Brazilian Ju Jitsu  is a martial art that differs slightly from traditional Ju Jitsu. It is a competitive sport, unlike traditional Ju Jitsu and focuses more on ground grappling techniques. You can learn Brazilian Ju Jitsu in Iceland at BJJ Iceland.

This article was written by Fanney Magna Karlsdóttir for Eurodesk Iceland