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Multicultural centre

The goal of the multicultural centre is to facilitate communication of people from various cultural backgrounds in Iceland, and to provide information and support for immigrants.

What services does the multicultural centre offer?

The Multicultural centre provides information about daily life, government, and the society in Iceland. It also offers assistance when moving to and from Iceland.

Service telephone 

The multicultural centre provides information and assistance via their service phone-numbers in icelandic, english, polish, serbo-croatian, thai, spanish, lithuanian and russian.  Calls to the service number are fully confidential. You may also send inquiries and requests on their website

Where is the multicultural centre? 

The multicultural centre is at Árnagata 2-4 in Ísafjörður but provides service for the whole country. The office is open 9-16 on weekdays and information in icelandic or english is available at all times. 
Telephone: +354 450-3090
Fax: +354 456-0215
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