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Healthy breakfast: fruit, yogurt and walnuts
Flickr/Creative Commons - meglet127

Breakfast for busy people

Why it matters and what to munch on. Read Spunout's suggestions on quickly prepared breakfast.

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day and there is no doubt that a good breakfast can make you feel ready to take on the world. Yet, sometimes it’s hard to eat breakfast – either because you are not a morning person or because you just have no appetite in the morning.

Breakfast is kind of a habit though, so once you start eating it your body will get used to it and demand it. You may also find that you have more energy and fewer cravings for junk foods if you have a good breakfast. This is because our glucose levels are lowest in the morning and the body is desperate for some fuel to bring them back up. This is why some people crave sugary foods in the morning.


Some quick and cheap breakfast ideas: 


Fruit smoothie

Simply dump a load of tasty fruit into a blender with milk and/or yogurt. You can mix it up by using coconut milk and adding spices. There are tons of FREE smoothie recipes online and in books.  


Chopped up fruit salad with natural or Greek yogurt
You can chop up the fruit the night before.


You can prepare the filling the night before, so that all you have to do is dump eggs over the veggie mixture and wait for it to set, giving you an omelette from hob to plate in 5 minutes flat. You could also make a frittata or quiche at the weekend, and then just eat a warmed up a slice in the morning. If you make a Spanish omelette, your carbs are even baked in. Otherwise serve with toast or fruit.


More eggs
You can boil them or scramble them. Scrambling them in a knob of butter is the quickest way of cooking them, but you could always boil them the night before and eat them cold. The great thing about eggs is that even the free range ones are pretty cheap.


This is very simple and easy. It’s also very filling and you can make it with any type of milk that you like.


Cottage cheese and fruit
 Many people enjoy this combo, many more think it's yuck.


Fruit (straight up!)
Peel or rinse and bite. Nice.


A handful of nuts and seeds (trailmix for the hardcore types)
This mix will give you a boost of energy and healthy goodness.


If you don’t have time to eat before you get to work/college, you can take some of these with you to work. Or you could just leave some porridge, yogurt etc. in the office fridge and eat your breakfast when you arrive in there. If you go to college, you could put your fruit salad or omelette into a lunch box and eat it on the bus.

Yum to all that!