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Erasmus: will you vote?

Ballot box with title: Erasmus: Will you vote?
How did your ERASMUS experience influence your feelings of European identity and your participation in the EU elections? Participate in the Erasmus Voting Assessment (EVA) surveys and you may win a trip to Brussels in autumn 2014!

The project consists of a research study divided into two surveys open to young people, including Erasmus and non-Erasmus (former) university students across Europe.

You can already participate in the first survey, while the second survey will be launched after the 2014 European Parliament elections. All of those who will complete both surveys will get the chance to win a trip to Brussels for the closing conference on the EVA project, which will be held at the European Parliament in autumn 2014.

The EVA is launched by the European Students Forum (AEGEE-Europe), with the support of its partners, the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) and Generation Europe Foundation (GEF).

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