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Coup de FOODre goes European: Ideas Lab Belgian Transfarmers

Short Proposal Text: 
This proposal is the result of an active thinking process on the issue of the global food system and how it can be improved for the future. The main question to be answered is ‘How can we feed nine billion people in a sustainable way, starting from the year 2050?’ Our working group of young people would like to share its insights with fellow-students and other young people.
Full Proposal Text: 

What’s the idea?

The main aim of our proposal, ‘Coup de Foodre’, is to challenge students to transform their daily food consumption habits into more sustainable behaviour. We would like to challenge small groups of students to modify and moderate their consumption over a period of one month.


How does it work?

The participants will take three photographs of the projects they have completed personally, or of those they organize for a larger group of people, and submit them to our mail address or post them on our Facebook page ( This Facebook page will explain the criteria for the competition and also add inspiring ideas and examples of campaigns on a regular basis. (download attached pdf).


Once the deadline is past, a jury will review the project submissions. The group with the best and most innovative entry will win an organic dinner for 15 people: this meal, which will be prepared for them in their own home, will include a musical accompaniment. For more detailed information on the approach, please download the attached pdf.


Why should we do it?

At the beginning of March 2015, a group of young people (with the support of Jeugddienst Globelink vzw and Vredeseilanden) organised a Coup de Foodre competition for the first time in Ghent, Belgium. During this pilot project, we worked hard to adhere to the criteria set out below. Sadly, the one element eventually lacking was the support of a ‘godparent’. The competition only finished end-March so, at the time of writing, we are not yet in a position to show the results.


Though the pilot was limited in time and funds, we believe there is considerable potential for a longer-term project subject to less financial constraints. The competition could be organized between different cities at either the national or European level, an approach which would contribute to the development of a group dynamic and boost levels of motivation.


Idea generated by the Ideas Lab in Brussels, Belgium

Proposal Feedback: 

The "voting" phase is now closed - thank you very much to everyone who rated this idea. The idea has been passed on for consideration by experts in the field, and we will upload their feedback just as soon as we can.

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