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Work in - social network for young jobseekers

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Can you imagine yourself having a job interview online? Or getting a specific simulation task to prove your skills even when you lack work experience? Our platform provides the basis for a modern social network linking young jobseekers and potential employers. The project, using ‘LinkedIn’ or a similar platform, will feature both formal and non-formal competences, provide feedback from employers to determine your strengths, showcase your capabilities, and more.
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What’s the idea?

Are you depressed at not finding a job in the press or on the web? Are you an employer tired of tedious and unproductive job interviews? We have a project that provides a simple way for young people to find a job. Our platform enables them to communicate quickly with employers, demonstrate their strengths with formal and non-formal educational certificates, and land a job that matches their personality and ambitions.


How does it work?

On this website you can:


  • introduce yourself with a video, CV and evidence of your non-formal competences as an active participant in society;
  • undertake tests to determine your strengths for a specific job;
  • obtain detailed information on companies, possibly with the aim of ranking them in line with your criteria;
  • simulate your preferred job, undertaking tasks set by the prospective employer and seeing how you do;
  • access company activities and other key information online and offline;
  • get constructive feedback from employers to help you in your next job search;
  • participate in an interview with the employer online.


On this website, employers can:


  • select candidates by filtering formal and non-formal criteria and competences;
  • present the organization and attract jobseekers;
  • obtain feedback from existing employees and candidates, and rate them;
  • submit specific tasks or job simulations to potential employees;
  • share company news and events;
  • interview candidates online,  cutting the time spent on long job interviews.


This project could be based on a social network, e.g. LinkedIn, to provide a platform accessible to both potential employers and employees: such a solution, combining a social network and a mobile app, would be more attractive for young people. It has the appeal of using a social network to access the labour market. Since this would be a multinational project, it would require support at the European level to incorporate it into an existing website.


Idea generated by the Ideas Lab in Vilnius, Lithuania

Proposal Feedback: 

The "voting" phase is now closed - thank you very much to everyone who rated this idea. The idea has been passed on for consideration by experts in the field, and we will upload their feedback just as soon as we can.

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