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Forrás: TeSzedd Facebook oldal
Forrás: TeSzedd Facebook oldal

TeSzedd - voluntarily towards a clean Hungary!

Does the garbage on the streets disturb you? Are you interested in making your environment more beautiful? Then the TeSzedd voluntary action - taking place between May 9 to 11, and connected to the "Let's clean up Europe" campaign – really suits you.

"Spring Cleaning"

The TeSzedd is Hungary’s largest voluntary movement. This year, since the 2009 departure it will be organized for the fourth time, partly with the aim to clean our narrow and wider environment, and secondly, to get more people to express their claim about clearness and abandon littering. This year, the event will last for three days so that more people can participate in it. Last year, on 1075 locations more than one hundred thousand volunteers participated in the action, this time the organizers expect even more people.


Where, what and how?

From early March to 2 May everybody could apply for being a coordinator, or a volunteer. Anybody can be a local coordinator, who knows a place where there is a lot of garbage and who is able to mobilize at least ten people. If you missed the signing up as volunteers, you can take part in the program: you only have to choose a time and a meeting point. Then at the right time you should find the location, you must be let the coordinator know that you’d like to join and you're off to work.


All locations from Budapest to Gyula have its own coordinator. They lead you to the exact location (private land, public land, garbage place, which isn’t surrounded by a fence). However it is forbidden to collect construction and demolition debris, medicines, batteries, motor oil, electric and electronic equipment, such as large car parts. The green waste (e.g. cut tree limbs, torn grass) also fall into the category of "do not get it."


According to the experience of the organizers, because of the contamination, only 3% of the collected materials can be recycled. That’s why you don’t have to collect selectively under the TeSzedd. Particular attention is given to safety, so it is advisable to collect only such garbage, which can be collected safely with hands and gloves and can be transported in bags.


Community service

For high school students, who will graduate after 1 January 2016, it is required to take part in a community service (such as health care, social work, and environment). In the framework of TeSzedd young people can work 8 hours from the required 50 hours.


"Let's Clean Up Europe!"

This year with this movement Hungary joins a pan-European initiative, called “Let's Clean Up Europe", which is held within the framework of the program EWWR LIFE +. The LIFE + program provides financial support for EU, in order to update and develop its environmental policy. The EWWR (European Waste Reduction Week) was established in 2009, and its goal is to raise awareness for waste prevention. It provides the context for project developers to present their actions, which are related to their waste management.  Applications can be about environmentally friendly design, conscious consumption, or even about community composting topics. The 2012 EWWR programs have already reached thirty-two countries and nearly 25,000 projects have been implemented.


"Let's clean up Europe" aims for more countries and more citizens to join the voluntary litter collection: accordingly on 10 May outside the EU Member States, Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Norway, Serbia and Turkey participate in the common campaign.


Written and translated by Sára Pataki


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