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Odooproject - the great success of the Hungarian students

Some years ago an enthusiastic team from the University of Technology and Economics had an aim: to build an innovative, solar energy house. The project, called „Odoo” came true, so much, that in September of 2012 they got the sixth place in Madrid on an international competition (Solar Decathlon).

What we have to know about Odoo?

Odoo is a maintainable house working with solar cells, which the participants of the project saw in a prophetic dream. Their purpose was to minimize the loss of energy, and to maximize the profit.


It is really interesting, that the inhabitants of the Odoo can check the building from their workplace, or even from foreign countries, with the help of their mobile phone or through their computers.  
For example an electricity forgotten alight may be switched off, the desired temperature may be set, what’ s more from that direction an immediate message is received if unauthorized penetrating one stays in the house.


Focused on sustainability

The house is able to produce as much energy as it takes at least two times. The electric current, the refrigeration, the heating and the warm water are insured by solar energy. On the one hand the building defends itself against the summer heat, but on the other hand in winter as many lights can get into the living room as possible.  The house's inhabitants may cultivate their links with their environment, because Odoo consists of an inner space and a yard of the same size. This way you can spend some time outside, while you may spend the other half in closed space.


The whole project calls the attention to the fact that sustainability has to receive an emphasized role in the architecture of the 21.century.


About the competition

For 10 years in the Solar Decathlon competitions European and American universities can compare their knowledge. According to the tender, the applicants had to plan environmentally aware and a light construction building, which is supported by the market players of the building industry. The best twenty marches can build it up on the site, in Madrid and present their work.


From the 50 candidates, the Hungarian Odooproject got in between the best ones, so the Hungarian students spent one and a half months in Spain where first the house was built up and then their work was presented. The lengthy work yielded its fruit:  the vocational jury rewarded the Hungarian team’s building in more categories. By the way the team consisted of architect-, constructor-, engineer-, tram-, chemist-, mechatronic engineer, economist and communication academic specialization students.



The Odooproject got the sixth place behind a French, a Spanish, an Italian and two German teams. Furthermore they received special awards in the area of sustainability, interior decoration and artificial lighting.


Its afterlife

The press noticed the significant performance, since the building got in between the candidates of the 2012 Media Prize. The innovative house currently can be observed on the BME campus.


Sára Pataki