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The key to our future – Ecovillages of Hungary

The modern phylosophy of life is based on the search for a more liveable lifestyle that is closer to nature and is inspired by good examples from the past. Independence of energy resources and nature-friendly solutions stand in the centre of the initiative.

In Hungary, initiatives revolving around the closeness to nature and traditional value systems are becoming more and more popular, which, in agreement with the directives of the European Union are starting to appear on the levels of society as well.


The break with everyday dependencies is one of the biggest challenges, because for the modern man, it is a basic need to have hot tap water and to be able to find ready-made meals in the fridge at any time. Electricity, as well as the modernisation of transportation, has made numerous such skills unnecessary that the youth of today hardly ever encounter anymore and that they do not find desirable in their everyday lives either.


Nothing proves their importance more than the fact that the dependencies fuelled by the modernisation created by us provides less and less space for the direct relationship between human and nature where the emphasis is not on the exploitation, but more on a symbiosis.


The most visible signs of the tangible changes can be observed all over the country, because many Ecovillages have been created that continuously strive to reach a bigger and bigger level of self-sustainability. The need for continuous transformation was conceived globally, given that the growing population and the increasing exhaustion of the Earth’s energy resources require a brand new mind-set with the help of which the satisfaction of humanity’s needs can be maintained and normalised.


As a result of this, the European Union has been paying more and more attention to exploiting the possibilities inherent in self-sustainability and the renewable sources of energy. It tries to motivate the population to use the opportunities on offer in the form of competitions and modernisation grants.


In Hungary, at the moment there are 8 places that have opted for self-sustainability and thanks to their ongoing development they are getting better and better at setting some examples for the population to folow. Agostyán, Bakonyszombathely, Szentantalfa, Drávafok, Galgahévíz, Görömszőlős, Hantos and Máriahalom are the examples for such initiatives that were all born as the result of people’s faith in a better future.


Written by Balázs Tibor Balázs


Translated by Judit Molnár