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Get involved


Student in France: Take part to community life!

In France, there are thousands of student associations. Just have a look around, and you will find one which covers a cause that means a lot to you!

Alumni, culture and leisure, support to students, foreign students, disabled students, social and humanitarian help, relations with companies, sports: student associations cover a wide range of themes. How can you find the right one for yourself?


Animafac, a national network of student associations


  • To promote commitment to community life
  • To support student volunteers in carrying out their projects

Animafac offers to its member associations a series of tools based on the experience of associations which are members of the network: trainings, guides and fact sheets, campaigning kits.

Throughout the year, Animafac offers its member associations many opportunities to share and exchange views. At national level, they organise weekends on campuses which bring together around a thousand persons. Multipliers active at local level involve student associations in a network and foster exchange of good practice.

Animafac also issues proposals and publishes studies on a regular basis.