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Save the trees

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Forests and woodland cover over 42% of the EU’s land area, and EU forests make up 5% of the world’s forests. Forests help regulate the climate, protecting us from natural disasters.

Deforestation is progressing at an alarming rate – forests cover around 30% of the world’s land area but 3% was lost between 1990 and 2005. Deforestation leads to soil erosion and increased flood risk, and is associated with around 15-20% of global CO2 emissions. Take a look at the Global Forest Watch interactive map to see how much tree cover has been lost over the last 15 years.


How you can help save the forests

  • Only use paper for essential things – avoid printing too much
  • Use or make your own recycled paper
  • Plant a tree
  • Buy second-hand furniture
  • Spread the word to friends and family
  • Join or support forest organisations (see related links)