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European Youth Week 2013 in Finland

In this article you will find all the different events that are organised in Finland as part of the European Youth Week between 26 May and 2 June 2013.

22–23 May 2013 - EYW launch at the “Completely out” event (Lahti)

It is a cultural event for unemployed youth workshops and their workers. The program includes different kind of workshops on theatre, music, dance and body percussion. Debate, no bombs - workshops against hate speech workshops against hate speech are financed by YIA. The aim of the workshops is to address the increasing hate speech in particular in the web based media and to work for mutual understanding and respect of diversity. The young people learn argumentation based on facts rather than opinions and they are directed towards dialogue, not just expressing opposing ideas. The activity will target both young people as participants in the workshop and youth workers who want to learn the method and use it with their own groups of young people. There shall be other EYW activities as well as well the promotion material (bags, notebooks etc) shall be distributed. The event gathers around 600 people.

24 May 2013 - Active Citizens Breakfast meeting with Minister (CIMO, Helsinki)

Open meeting organized by EU Youth in Action programme and EU Europe for Citizens programme with Minister of Culture and Sport  Paavo Arhinmäki and MEP Hannu Takkula.


Discussion topics:

Youth guarantee

European Youth Week

European Year of Citizens

The future of EU programmes


Please register in advance.


28–29 May 2013 - Citizens for Europe – Europe for Citizens Seminar (Tuusula)

Citizens for Europe – Europe for Citizens is a short seminar and project building activity on citizenship and Europe. The aim of the seminar is to celebrate European Year of Citizens by encouraging people to make a difference in the society. Objectives of the seminar is to gain inspiration and motivation needed to implement citizenship projects and discuss how to support active citizenship in young people.


28 28 May – 2 June 2013 Need-Based Methods Laboratory - Learning and Partner Finding (Imatra)

The Need-Based Method Lab gives youth workers an opportunity to come aware of their working methods and develop other ways of working with young people. These can be designed active methods and/or more general ways of working. The purpose is to look at youth exchanges as a way to explore the same topics together and find good methods to discuss them.


Eurodesk Finland will contribute to the YO-fest of the European Youth Forum during the European Youth Week in Brussels by sending a theatre group of young people to participate (and perform).  The group received initially support from the Youth in Action Programme as a national youth initiative project. Eurodesk Finland will produce the promotional material that the group will distribute at the event. Information about European Youth Week and activities shall be distributed through the national youth information network.


26 May – 2 June 2013 Respect Makes Room in Europe

During European Youth Week Finnish organisations organise various activities around Finland, for instance concerts and workshops on human rights, tolerance and solidarity. The aim of the week is to encourage young people to take part in youth policy and celebrate 25 years of European programmes dedicated to youth. In order to support the activities the National Agency has produced fair trade items (bags, booklets) for distribution. Below the list of all activities:






Respect makes room in Europe

28th May


Kaseva Rock-event will include bands, art galleries and other cultural shows.


Respect makes room in Europe

29th May


The purpose of the youth music event is to inspire a sense of active European citizenship and support music hobbies. Activities will be developed in cooperation with local school and shopping centre.


Human Rights realities: Belarus, Bulgaria, Hungary

27 th - 29th May


The aim of the project is to improve awareness about human rights realities in Belarus, Bulgaria and Hungary among the Finnish young people. The purpose is also to motivate young people to take active part in the field of human rights of their country and to spread the idea about Youth in Action programme, to organize a cultural exchange between participating countries.


Respect makes room in Europe

27th - 31st May


The event will be presenting food cultures from Japan, Greece and Afghanistan. In addition, there is a theatre show on how to govern anger and how to respect other people. There is also information on Youth in Action programme.


Respect makes room in Europe - a performance workshop and a performance of tolerence

26th - 27th May


A performance workshop where young people are creating a performance show. During the event, they are handing out badges, which are related to the theme of the day. There is an information desk about the EU's youth policy.



Vaala’s Youth forum

29th May


A youth forum will include workshops, which are dealing with multiculturalism, healthy lifestyle, drugs, alcohol, sexuality, hobbies, education and jobs. Addition to this, the event will include music and other shows.


Pimé Cafe

28th -29th May

Turku, Tampere, Jyväskylä and Helsinki

Pimé Cafe is a learning experience to sighted people to experience how it feels if you are not able to see. Visually impaired people are able to work as a waitress, guide and as a doorman. The aim is to enhance trust and responsibility. 



28th May


The purpose is to inform young people about their rights and encourage them to take part in policy making.  Young people are encouraged to share ideas on how to develop the city of Vantaa through comics, creative writing, photography and graffiti art.


Respect makes room in Europe

26th May


The event is about getting to know Finnish nature and different food cultures in a recreation area.