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If you are concerned with your personal ecological footprint and aim at making well-informed personal choices, read on!

To those of us who are concerned with the realities of the global climate change having a choice of environmentally friendly options is equal to personal empowerment. So when it comes to charging your electronic devices it is always good to know where your electricity comes from. Here EKOenergy comes into help.


EKOenergy is a network of 34 European environmental NGOs from 26 European countries. What unites the members of the network is the promotion of sustainable electricity resources. The network uses ecolabling of electricity coming from renewable sources as a tool of information that assists consumers to make informed choices. The EKOenergy label is the only electricity label in the European market which results from a pan-European consultation process and is recognized by stakeholders in all European countries.


EKOenergy does not label the power plants themselves but rather takes the origin of electricity into account. In order to acquire the ecolable it is not enough to prove that ectricity comes from renewable sources. A set of criteria devised by the EKOenergy Network has to be fully fulfilled: consumer information, sustainability, climate and additionality, tracking and guarantees of origin, as well as auditing. 


So check out where the electricity comes from in your home, school, university or workplace. And if you feel you would like to contribute in promoting the use of ecolabling, spread the word or get in touch with EKOenergy for volunteering opportunities!



Written by Milda Beišytė

Objavljeno: čet, 30/10/2014 - 13:03

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