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Youth Awards 2015 – Projects shortlisted in the category of "Empowering young people through mobility and other initiatives"

The following projects have been selected for their outstanding work in the field of empowering young people through international mobility projects and other initiatives.

3 C: make a Choice to take a Chance to make a Change!

BE (NL) – Antwerp, Brussels, Diest, Halle and Leuven, Belgium

In October 2013, 500 students in Belgium had the opportunity to discuss with young people from Peru and Indonesia about how young people can change the world. The outcomes of these discussions were published in 20,000 youth magazines and forwarded on to relevant political, social and cultural policy- and decision-makers.

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Active Unit – Social Changes!

CY – Larnaca, Cyprus

“Active Unit – Social Changes!” was a youth exchange between seven different countries, which brought together 42 young people from different backgrounds to act together as a team. The objective was to spread information about EU opportunities for young people and to empower them to be active citizens of Europe. One of their activities was a flashmob, which you can view in the following video.

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Young life and experience of the lifetime

FI – Numancia de la Sagra, Finland

This European Voluntary Service project swapped volunteers between two towns in Spain and Finland, to raise awareness of European issues amongst the young people in their local communities and to support the work of local organisations working with young people. This led on to youth exchanges between the towns, and to further volunteer exchanges.

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Gentle2 (Special Education Centre)

GR – Livadeia, Greece

The volunteers in this European Voluntary Service project worked with young people with learning disabilities in a Special Education Centre, with a wide variety of activities. They also helped with the creation of a network of voluntary organisations working with young people with similar learning disabilities, and promoted the idea of volunteering to other young people.

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Get Involved in Local Democracy (G.I.L.D.)

HR – Brtonigla and Buje, Croatia

The objective of this European Voluntary Service project was to increase the understanding of young Istrians about the nature, role and functions of the European Union in the region, and to inform them about the challenges and advantages of becoming European citizens, especially as Croatia was due to join the EU during the period of the project.

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Why a Youth Council?

IS – Seltjarnarnes, Iceland

This youth exchange project brought together young people from Iceland and Sweden to share experiences about youth councils and democratic processes, and to gain new skills that would help them to better represent the young people in their areas, most notably in the field of documentary film-making.

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Voices without Limits

LI – Schellenberg, Liechtenstein

This youth exchange between Schellengberg in Liechtenstein and Galway in Ireland aimed to promote youth participation in both communities by exploring different models of youth participation and producing videos on the topic. They also learned about the different political structures in each country.

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Helping Services through Leisure Education

MT – Marsascala and Bulebel, Malta

The main objective of this European Voluntary Service project was to promote the inclusion of young people with disabilities, using sport as a tool to promote active citizenship, social inclusion as well as healthy lifestyles. The volunteers assisted the Disability Services of the hosting organisation to provide services to young people with a mixture of physical disabilities and learning disabilities.

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Wij(k) in Verandering!

NL – Amsterdam, Den Bosch and Gouda, Netherlands

This project, “Changing the neighbourhood!” aimed to enable young people to implement changes in their own communities that should result, in the long-term, in a reduction of discrimination. Young people from Amsterdam, Antwerp and Brussels worked together over 17 months to identify the problems in their areas and potential solutions, and successfully lobbied and worked with local authorities to make their plans a reality.

Rock in Iasi

RO – Iasi, Romania

The “Rock in Iasi” European Voluntary Service project involved twelve volunteers from three countries (Italy, Portugal and Spain) in the organisation and promotion of the 9th edition of the “Rock’n’Iasi” Festival. The volunteers had an interest in art in general and music in particular. They were also able to use the event to promote volunteering to young people at this and other events.

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Hackney-Botkyrka exchange

SE – Botkyrka, Sweden

This project started as an initiative from young people in Sweden who wanted to take part in a youth exchange with inner-city London. These young people came from multi-cultural areas, and most of them were descendants of immigrants. Their areas suffer from financial deprivation and have challenges regarding social inclusion. Through learning from each other’s experiences, they developed new personal skills and were able to better engage with local decision-makers.

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Together against cyber-bullying

SK – Trenčín and Banská Bystrica regions, Slovakia

“Together against cyber-bullying” was a project organised by an informal group of five young people aged 18-25. The main objective was to raise awareness of the topic of cyber-bullying in schools, and thereby create the possibility for debate amongst the pupils about the issue, and provide information and counselling to them on how to deal with cyber-bullying.


TR – Adana, Turkey

This European Voluntary Service project placed volunteers in two centres, firstly a centre dedicated to children with autism, and the other which focuses on supporting and empowering the local deaf community. The volunteers gained a lot of news skills in working with the people in these centres, and also a greater understanding of cultural differences and how to respect them in this culturally diverse region of Turkey.

Green Jobs for a Green Europe

UK – Bristol, United Kingdom

The main purpose of this youth exchange was to give young people the skills and courage to respond to youth unemployment by opening their own business, and at the same time demonstrating the role of young people in tackling the problem of climate change and the transformation of traditional economies in Europe into greener and more sustainable economies.

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