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European Youth Portal

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European Scout Conference

European Scout Conference

If you can't go to Berlin, follow and join the 14th European Guide and Scout Conference online! Watch the sessions live and participate via Social Media.

Follow and e-participate at the European Scout Conference, starting with opening ceremony on Friday (16 August) at 18:00.


You can also join in via social media by following @14egsc on Twitter and using #14egsc in your tweets, Facebook, Storify, Instagram, Flickr, etc. If you don't use Social Media, just leave a comment on the Conference minisite – 14egsc.europak-online.net under the live stream window.


The exact timing of the broadcasting and details on how to can you participate online will be announced on the Conference mini site 14egsc.europak-online.net and on Facebook and Twitter. 

Join in online at: E-participation
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World Scout Movement - Europe



Berlin - Germany