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What can Europe offer young people?

EYE 2014
© European Parliament
Share your ideas for a better Europe at the European Parliament in Strasbourg during the European Youth Event 2014 (9 - 11 May 2014).


To participate you need a group of, at least, 10 people with a leader that is 18 or over. All members of the group have to be between 16 and 30 and come from one of the EU member states, candidate states and neighbouring countries.


During the first phase of registration (8 Octotber to 31 December 2013), your group leader can apply to participate in the event through the online registration system. In the second phase individual participants from your group will be signed up for programme activities.


There is no participation fee for the EYE 2014, but you will need to pay for your own transport, accommodation and meals.



There are three ways to actively participate in the European Youth Event 2014:


1. Register for, take part and engage in political debates, workshops and other activities. Ideas and conclusions will form a final report for presentation to the newly elected European Parliament Members, as well as other European decision-makers as a source of inspiration.



2. Apply to stage an artistic performance - be it music, dance, acrobatics, sketches or anything else you might want to propose. A selection of the applicants will be able to perform during the Street Festival which will take place on various stages in the city of Strasbourg on Friday evening



3. Apply to present a special initiative that is related to the five main topics. A limited number of initiatives can be presented at the EYE in an interactive way (e.g. by organising an interactive stand outside, offering a practical workshop).




The EYE 2014 will include a large variety of activities run under the motto "Ideas for a better Europe" in a political, social and cultural sense. Activities will focus on five main themes: youth unemployment, digital revolution, future of the European Union, sustainability and European Values.


The event will offer political debates and workshops, roleplay games, a youth village and a festival organised by the European Youth Forum, a concert and a street festival.


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