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European Youth Portal

Information and opportunities for young people across Europe.



Obra ganadora del II Concurso de Diseño Gráfico Eurodesk España.
Obra ganadora del II Concurso de Diseño Gráfico Eurodesk España.

II Design Competition Eurodesk Spain .

Eurodesk Spain's Design Competition has already been taken place. We know the winning designs and the names of their authors.

Last November, we could know the name of the winners of the Design Competition II Eurodesk Spain.
In this issue, participants aged between 18 and 30 years, have been able to show their creativity by presenting two designs that illustrate the promotional material for the new European Youth Portal.
The award went to Rosa María Morán Bolzoni.
The finalist work was performed by Moses Miranda Gutierrez.
This contest is the award for winning an iPad and both contestants receive promotional material made ​​from his works. In addition, they will have their posters displayed in numerous youth centers located throughout the Spanish geography.