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Ernst Moeksis
Ernst Moeksis

Women are discovering running

Between 2010 and 2012 the number of female participants in Spain raced with 91%, compared to the increase of 27% among the male participants. What is it with running that attracts women?

In Madrid you see them in all the places of the city: in the parks, the streets, along the river… the runners are everywhere. The time of the day doesn’t matter. You get up early in the morning, and there they are. You go to the park on a Sunday, and there they are. You are going for a walk in the night, and yes, of course, you see them there too. They are moving forward, some of them almost walking, and others like someone where chasing them. Everyone run in their own rhythm. Maybe you’ve been noticing that more and more are female runners. Where they’ve seen this clearly, is at the running events.

The journalist Cristina Mitre, released her book Mujeres que corren (Women that run) in April this year. She is also the founder of the movement with the same name #mujeresquecorren (#womenthatrun). What started as a platform to make meetings between workmates that liked to run together, developed into a book and a lot of other activities under the same name. There are also training groups only for girls at Nike Run Club Madrid and races with only female participants are getting popular. This year ran 30.000 women along the streets of Madrid in the race for the woman (La Carrera de la Mujer).

And why do you get hooked on running? According to Paco Noguera, the responsible for, running “has all the incentives, it’s free, the streets are always there for you, you can get together the schedules and everything… And not to forget the endorphins that makes you feel good”. Cristina Mitre has seen that there are a lot of female participants between 30 and 45 years old and thinks that it’s a perfect activity for mothers because they can choose when they want to run, and also maybe because in this age they are searching for a more individual sport.

Running has a lot of benefits, it’s free, there’s no need for schedules, it helps you to keep you fit and be happy. Now there are also more tools to start, improve and enjoy the sport running.

Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Europa Joven Madrid