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Las "viajetecas"
Las "viajetecas"

"Viajetecas", a world of information for your trip

If you love traveling, we offer a very useful way to get travel information and much more. Just take note: "viajeteca"

The journey for the young is the opportunity you have to meet other places, other cultures; is not just a break from the stresses that can have from studies or work. we go further, we offer information and points of interest for your tour. Tourism depends on the economy of each individual, and do it the way most "low cost", which is best for everyone, managing ourselves and seeking our own journey.

The viajeteca is an information service on the various entertainment options & leisure time for young people, either in Spain or other countries.

This service has a space where you can find information for your trip city guides, maps and notes from other travelers to plan your trip in the most comfortable way, the best places without missing a thing.

A Viajeteca can be in any city, and can provide you with several services:


-Consultation guidebooks. Numerous guides classified by countries and even in many of them, you can borrow this guide for a limited time.

-Check-magazines: see or read magazines on travel, lodging, etc.

-Check-hostelling guides: national or international, where you can find hostels to sleep and rest, always discovering wonderful places and landmark buildings, such as castles, ancient collegiate, etc.

-Counseling on how to travel,  necessary documents, passport, collective passport, visa, travel and accommodation prices, vaccines., health and insurance cards, international driving license, telling you where you can get all this information and helping you in management.

-Management of different cards: Youth Hostelling, International Young, European young, student, teacher, guidelines for the use of these documents and possible discounts and free offers.

As you'll see the viajeteca is not only a place of transit to inform you, but a special place to begin your journey faster, more economical and safer.

Come to any Viajeteca of Spain, we we're waiting for you!

Written by Qualified Multiplier Eurodesk, Santa Cruz de la Zarza