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La inclusión social como necesidad humana.
La inclusión social como necesidad humana.

Social inclusion and human need,Maslow’sPyramid.

Although our society suffer multiple changes, the persons have basic needs that we must meet in order to feel complete and among them is social inclusion.

Currently Europe is mired in a battle to survive the economic crisis in all its member states , this is taking a toll on the quality of life of its citizens and social inclusion causing problems for many reasons such as immigration and others.

When we talk about quality of life we must also speak of integration, and it is inevitable describe the steps to be followed to achieve this optimal state of quality. In this case we rely on the theoretical model of Maslow's pyramid, being a phased and understandable to the reader.

As an introduction schematic say that Maslow based his theory on a five-story pyramid , starting at the base by meeting the most basic needs ( first floor ) and ending at its crest ( fifth floor ) with individual self-realization . Between, on the fourth floor of the pyramid, we find recognition (fourthfloor) and this is where you can talk about social inclusion. It therefore follows that we have to go through previous states as the satisfaction of needs: physiological (firstfloor), safety (second floor), affiliation (thirdfloor) to achieve an optimal state.

The status of citizens today, quality has gone down, and therefore, if we extrapolate to the theory of Maslow and his pyramid can say that has lowered floors. This, of course, is more pronounced in the lower classes of society, which in the first world countries were minor, but have been increasing, by lower purchasing power of the lower middle classes. Say that everything is connected , the upper class , you can now have transformed into upper middle class, middle class lower class , etc. All roughly speaking forever.

Given the above, we say that the member countries are trying to restore the state of prosperity and lost balance, and this must be done in steps, as in the construction of a building, from the bottom of the problem and resolution to achieve this. It therefore passes through the covering economic recovery from the most basic necessities such as generating jobs, housing rights , social needs etc. .

Concluding the article, it is important for Europe to compose all, not just the leaders of each country respectively and therefore all needs to be re- cover and remedy errors that we must begin to repair from our closest circles and not sit back and watch care of themselves or manage others. This will make things go from fixing chain unit social circles such as in society , the individual, to the fullest which in this case would be Europe , in an exponential manner very similar to social networking communication so widespread in our day.