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 Dar la Vuelta al mundo: el RTW ticket
Dar la vuelta al mundo: el RTW ticket

RTW ticket

Thanks to airfare Round The World Ticket you can realize your dream to circumnavigate the world!

Every day more and more people decide to take a break, the famous "gap year" to discover the most beautiful places in the world economically. If you visit different countries of the world you should know that there is a bid for air tickets round the world, or RTW (Round The World) Ticket.

What is a RTW Ticket?

This special ticket bookings for a variable number of airline tickets for a trip across 5 continents affordable compared to a single book, and this ticket usually has the following characteristics:

• Duration of the route, from 10 days to 12 months;

• The beginning and end of the journey must always be in the same place; the last flight, then, must be to the initial departure city ;

• The travel itinerary should always go in the same direction, i.e. from East to West, or vice versa;

• The number of stops allowed may be between 5 and 15;

• The Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean can be crossed only 1 time ;

• Tickets are usually issued in the name of airline alliances, not on behalf of a single vector, and there is some flexibility on dates, but not in the destinations.

How It Works?

This special ticket, really useful for those who are thinking of going around the world, requires an initial trip planning so that you can select with the main criterion scales and thus save on the final price. During the trip you may confirm dates or even modify them by email.

Before making your reservation, choose the countries you want to visit, be sure to analyze all, as living standards , safety, health , climate, etc. .

There are different online agencies specialized in this type of ticket, and some allow a simulation so you can calculate the final price of your trip before booking it, so you can change destination as needed. Some agency have rates by continent, others allow the price of the ticket as the miles you will travel , and in general all these agencies have direct access to airline alliances .

Take care! We do not recommend this option if you prefer to know a single continent because you could find cheap flights within the same country or if you are a sentimental and you like to live as backpacker or as individual, as you could change plans as they roll across the days.



Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier Ingalicia