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My first professional experience

This was my first real contact with the profession for which I trained for 2 years as Technician in Care for Dependent People in the CPFE Murialdo Madrid

I like to feel the things that can not be explained, but also, I like to explain and share them with others as I said in the piece I wrote at the end of my internship:

Today my internship in an occupational center for people with disabilities, the Occupational Ademo Center, just finished. Today my voice trembles at the thought that I can no longer give them the "good morning" we both liked.

Today my emotions were bringing out through tears in my eyes. Today I have the feeling I had when I was little, back from a summer camp, how hard was to explain to your friends how happy you had been and how much you love to those people with whom you've shared incredible experiences.

I wonder so many things ... But there is one thing I am sure: I want to devote the rest of my life to working with people. And I want to do it because I'm in love with the work that is not paid with money, but with love.

Now I am going to talk about these people that, for three months, have taught me so much.

How awesome is communicate with a look, a hug, a handshake. How impressive to see the world through different eyes. How nice is to see the world without malice, without prejudice and unattached. What special is to love just after meet them!

I've been linked to this sector in different voluntary associations for 3 years now, and I never got tired of amazing, exciting and thrilling.

Today I feel a void. Today I feel sadness and joy. But today, especially, I feel pride. I'm proud of these people, how they overcome themselves everyday and how they taught me how to live with joy.

I feel so privileged that they have considered me part of their lives. What a satisfaction have reached their hearts! Today every hug goodbye with tears has been engraved into me.

Today I have left with a goodbye, hoping to be a see you soon, I love you.

This is an experience I recommend to all. With The Spanish Confederation of Organizations for Persons with Intellectual Disability (FEAPS) or with other public or private organizations linked to the world of disability, you can contact with this sector.

Paula García Martínez

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