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Josiah Mackenzie

Inspire, expires and run!

Slim down, get toned, clean your lungs; get stronger, strength your bones, clear your mind and clarify your ideas in order to be more optimistic.

If you want all these benefits you just need to inspire, expire and run.


This simple and cheap movement is becoming the healthiest lifestyle and accessible for all. Running, jogging, sprinting are examples of different rhythms which you’ll need to follow in order to achieve your goals.


How do I start?


Plan: Plan and be realistic. Have you been a long time in front of the computer? Then, begin with short and much planned series.


Warm-ups and stretching: The most important is to warm-up the most important muscles that you will work: hamstrings, quadriceps, heels, anterior tibial and calf muscles. Spend stretching 10 minutes before and 10 minutes after your workout.


Find your purpose: For example 5 km in 8 weeks. For this training you only need 3 days per week. Remember that the days that you are resting, your muscles are recovering, therefore they’re also working.

Start walking 5 minutes and then jog for 2 minutes, and repeat until 30 minutes of training.

As long as you add weekly kilometres, change periodicity between walking and running, until you can brisk walk for 5 minutes, jog for 20 and cool walk for 5 more.

Find online plans for 5 km, 10km and 15 km.


Provide yourself with a good pair of shoes. Ask in a specialized store: are you supinator, pronator or neutral?


Create your own music folder that encourages you and take your headphones everywhere. But remember that the rhythm can kill your breath, so don’t start with “Eye of the Tiger”


Get yourself a personal trainer. Nowadays there are plenty of free Apps' for analyzing your miles, roads, calories burned, etc.


Here we suggest a few:



APP + nike running

My Coach

Couch to 5K




Accumulate miles: Once you start to accumulate miles, propose yourself the second goal: participate in a popular race or half marathon. Search here the racing calendar.


You can get more info in special magazines and forums, but remember that the change in your body will start the second month of routine and after a change in your diet, so do not despair and be constant.


Good journey!


Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Ayuntamiento de Silla