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How to avoid fraud in job offers in Internet

Have you received a strange email showing interest in yor cv? Be careful to answer these emails. There are lot of frauds increasingly circulating online looking for a new victims.

If you are looking for a job, your  search  through the Internet and social networks can be fraudulent by suggesting promises of employment with immediate incorporation or salaries above the market average. With a series of measures you can be free from these offers which cannot only cost you money but also cause you problems with the law.

Where are these offers?

In forums, blogs and employment pages on the Internet which do not review job offers which are provided by companies properly. At other times, unsolicited e-mails will arrive to your account.

What do they try to achieve?

The most common objectives pursued by those who are behind these offers is to obtain money and achieve financial or personal information of the applicant in order to sell it to a third party or to take advantage of the activity for money laundering.

What kind of frauds can I find?

1.–Contact phone numbers with a special fare: 803, 806, 807, 905 and contact SMS sendings which cost much money.
2.-Working from home and Teleworking: You pay an amount for documentation and materials of a company which does not exist.
3.-Multi-level, pyramid selling: you are not a worker but a seller of company products which you also buy in advance.
4.-Castings, models: you send videos which will be used in Internet contact pages, probably in another country. In some cases payment is required.
5.-Jobs abroad: You ideposit in advance for management costs or you provide your data.  In building sector and collectors they are the most used ones.
6.-Training courses: they are offered by training academies which assure that you will find employment when the course finishes or these academies offer you the job but conditioned to the course hiring.
7.-Bank transferences: you act as a broker in international money transfers and, without knowing, you commit a money laundering crime.
8.-Employment without salary: offers in which it is offered to work without any remuneration by searching highly qualified candidates but without salary.
9.-To earn money by filling surveys. You pay for some mailing lists where you will supposely find the databases of companies.

Which data tell me that the offer is suitable?

Make the job search in portals and trusty and official webs, public organisms, TEA (Temporary Employment Agencies) or big companies. This entities ensure you the data protection and have their own domains in the Internet and e-mail accounts associated (not generalist domains like Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, etc.).

  • If the offer provides convincing information about the description of the job, the salary (normal to the market average), the type of contract, the company address, the staff selection process (you must attend a personal interview previous to the hiring).
  • No company can require you the payment of an amount of money in order to take part in a staff selection process in order to access a job by learning courses or to require you non-remunerated probations periods.
  • You must not  give your bank or credit card data previous to the hiring or they will not required you calls to additional pricing numbers or SMS sendings in order to opt for a job.
  • Companies required you a determined educational background or previous experience when you are going to enrol in one of their job offers: there are no "miracle job offers".
  • Look Force Consumers in Action.

What can I do if I am a victim of a fraud?

Furthermore, in the Security Office Internet User (OSI) there is an on-line form where you can denounce your incident.
Contact also with the Customer Service of the page where the job offer in order to inform them about the fraud is found.
We also invite you to consult Work Resources and Employment Services of the INFORMAJOVEN.

Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Informajoven Murcia