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Galician girl doing an internship in Ireland

Silvia is a 25 year old Spanish girl who has been living in Ireland for the last five weeks because she got a grant to do an internship abroad. She wants to talk to you about her experience and her every day.


When I applied for the Galeuropa grant last March, I didn’t think about why it will be good enough for me. After the English exam and a personal interview, I was waiting for weeks until they told me that I was one of the chosen ones and I could leave. I always knew I wanted to go to Ireland because I had never been in that country and I wanted to improve my English. Even I had to find the company where I will do the internship so after many days sending email I got a positive answer from St. Mary’s Youth Centre – settled in Tullamore, a town of 15,000 habitants in County Offaly.

I already had worked in the youth field before – to be precise in Ingalicia, a cultural association from A Coruña – and it is a field which I love to write about. My tasks are helping in the office, writing promotional materials, giving chats about the mobility program Erasmus+ and typing some articles about activities of the Centre.

Besides Bill – the manager of the Centre and my boss – has many contacts and I am also collaborating with the local newspaper of Tullamore (Tullamore Tribune) and with Léargas, the Irish National Agency of Erasmus+. So as you can see professionally it is being a great experience.

Personally it is being a very positive experience too. I have been here for five weeks and I have travelled, I have met really nice people, I have learned things about myself I didn’t know before and I have deeply fell in love with Ireland. I talk about that in “Falling for Ireland”, a blog that I created to share my experience and to encourage other people to live adventures like mine and don’t be afraid of leaving Spain. I invite you to visit it and to live my stay though my words.

If you ask me if I feel homesick (morriña in Galician) I would say no. Of course I miss things from my hometown but I want to get the most of my two months in Tullamore. I know that probably I will be unemployed again when I come back to Spain so I will have to wait again for another opportunity to show what I am capable of. I know that many of you are discouraged as I was but don’t forget that your luck can change in one second. So cheer up and I will see you in the blog!

Produced by Silvia Corral