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First steps abroad

Looking for a job abroad for a career development is sometimes difficult from your own country of residence. Here you can find several options for establishing yourself abroad and searching there, in the country of destination, a right job for your skills.

Nowadays, it's possible to gain access to a vast wealth of information, easily and free, on Internet; but not everything is on the net, and there are indeed another questions that you could not answer in a better way than through direct experience: Will I be able to live, will I really feel like living and working on that country? What's life like there, and how will I adapt myself to local habits?

An option to find a qualified job abroad, in the professional field in which you want to develop your career, is establishing yourself on the country of interest making a somehow remunerated activity, different from your professional profile, in order to know the environment, the culture, the way of working and making relationships, and deepen on individual companies or sectors to which you can access in the future in a more solid way.

The following is a synthetic approach to several options for a first contact abroad:

EVS: European Voluntary Service provides easy access to training in non-formal education, so you can improve your personal or professional skills or acquire new ones. At the same time, it lets you integrate yourself in the social and cultural life of the country.

Wwoofing: it consists in making a voluntary job in farms: in exchange for it, you get food, lodging and particularly a closest approach to the local language. It offers you the possibility of acquire knowledge about cultivating crops and farm animals, as well as making traditional and artisanal products.

Au pair: it consists in childcare, and offers you the experience of living abroad for a long period of time and improving your language knowledge. It's a good way of getting to know the country of destination and its working network.

Teaching Spanish: it's one of the primary occupations you can exercise for being Spanish. You can offer private lessons for your own, in private academies, in firms for their employees... Universities and High Schools from everywhere are constantly looking for Spanish readers.

Work Camps: they offer work on projects for local development in an international environment. They usually require a token payment in order to contribute to the project and the costs of processing the application.

Summer work abroad: you can work as au pair, in farming activities, as a coach in summer camps, in the tourist industry (tourist guide, hotels, catering)... During the summer a number of job opportunities appear everywhere; although they are short-term contracts, they let you access to the local culture and the search for a more stable and adequate for your professional profile job.
As usual, before leaving abroad you are recommended to get informed about the requirements to enter the country and to stay there for a long-term period (that could be different from those required just for a holiday trip). The indicated options can be seen as a first step in order to find a quality employment abroad.

Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Cantabria