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Viajar fuera de Europa
Viajar fuera de Europa

Are you going to travel outside Europe?

It’s a perfect idea! But we recommend you to attend to many other aspects, too, while you are buying your flights and making your reservation in your hostel.

It is a great idea to prepare everything taking as much time as you need, so that you do not forget anything and that you can afterwards really enjoy your experience as a traveler around the world.
Do not plan your trip when it’s getting too late and without consideration of the following advices:
1.    Inscribe in the Travelers’ Register through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. This inscription guarantees that you can be localized if there’s an emergency.
2.     It would be brilliant if you gave information about your journey and the roads you plan to take and dates of the housing you are going to stay in to a family member or to a friend.
3.    Luckily and thanks to the new technologies, we have access to a lot of information about nearly everything. So it helps if you consult the internet for recommendations about the country you are going to visit.
Look for information about the climate and temperatures, about the economic situation, politics and social situation in general!
It is also necessary to look for information about health issues and vaccinations you are going to need…. etc.
To visit a country without knowing anything about its culture and laws is a bit risky.
Generally spoken you should make yourself a first impression of the country which you are going to visit and not only about the most important sights to visit.
4.    When you are still a minor or when you are going to travel with minors you have to consider that controls at borderlines and airports are very strict, but the controls are even stricter if you are still a minor.
The controls are made to avoid situations which are out of the legal and so are prejudicial.
It is a good idea to call the consulate or the embassy of the country you are going to visit to verify the documents which you have to take with you.
5.    You have to know before going on your trip which are the obligatory documents you are going to need.
The obligatory document for travelling outside of Europe is the passport and in some countries they even want to have a visa.
In the official website of the interior ministry you find all the information you need to request your passport.
If you reach your traveling destiny and you want to rent a car, see the website of the DGT and you will find information about the validity of your driver’s license outside of your country of origin.
6.    Probably you are a healthy person and full of agility but this does not guarantee you that you are not going to be sick or that you are not going to have an accident which obligates you to go to the hospital.
Consider that healthiness outside of our borderlines is not always public and is not always quality-orientated.  
Because of this we recommend you to negotiate a private insurance policy to guard against any incidence related to the loss of your health.
7.    Finally it would be great to negotiate travel insurance in case of losing your flight or your luggage.

Remember that this are advices based in other travelers’ knowledge and published information by the administrations who work to support that your experience will be positively memorable.
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Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Ayuntamiento Palma del Condado