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Environmental Volunteering

Voluntariado Medioambiental
Young people are increasingly aware of their ability to contribute and help society to which they belong

Within known as voluntary social action, there is a method that stands out among the projects developed in youth work: environmental volunteers. What do we mean by this type of collaboration? This is any initiative that develops non-profit environmental improvement tasks, either through the protection of species or natural areas, either denouncing situations of degradation or implementing environmental awareness programs. Target areas of the volunteers are as diverse as environmental problems we find: working in protected areas, biodiversity, natural disasters intervention, improvement of coastal and urban areas, environmental education, etc...


In the case of the youth population, their active participation in any kind of environmental work, often involves considerable success, as it allows almost immediate enactment of the effort, in addition to combine in a single process, leisure, enjoyment of spaces outdoors and strong support for the betterment of society.


The data reinforces the attraction youthful environment. There are thousands of young people each year spend part of their free time or training to get ideas on how to improve the environment and to implement them. Many of our young people today are convinced that attitudes towards environmental issues are key to reversing climate change and to become environmental advocates and work for the planet is critical to achieving environmental sustainability.


There are many organizations working in this sector and addressing this matter through different actions. The programs encouraged both from governments and public administrations as those promoted by environmental organizations and NGOs, addresses actions that ensure the direct involvement of young people in the natural landscape, through reforestation, cleaning, camps or fields working on environmental issues.


Written by Eurodesk Multiplier, Mérida. Instituto de la Juventud de Extremadura