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A picture is worth a thousand words

Because of the need to find something else that cities and monuments full of tourists over and over again, comes the photographic nature tourism. Something much deeper and professional attracts more people every day.

When we travel to new places, there is always something we can not forget put in the suitcase, our camera. We must try to capture all those new places we will see, then have that tangible remember the rest of our lives. And that is the main reason for travel, to know, to experience, see, feel things that our immediate environment offers us.
We have already discussed in other articles, on the types of tourism and tourists there, so this time we will talk about a new type of tourism that is sweeping across Europe.


The photographic tourism.
It is a type of tourism that develops especially people who love photography, whether professional or amateur. Perhaps, at first glance the concept is not understood, what is the difference between normal photographic tourism and tourism ?. The base is the same, visit and see new places, but the photographic tourist tries to escape from the crowd, try to avoid the typical picture that everyone has and instead of all this, try to find a new angle, almost exclusive that only a well trained photographic eye is able to find.


Nature photography is within this new type of tourism. Lovers of nature, increasingly take advantage scrolling capabilities to capture images of birds, mammals, fish, insects, etc., that are not in their place of residence.


This type of tourism is mostly developed by lovers of nature and animals.
Imagine you're an amateur or professional photographer, and you'd love to be able to photograph a kind of animal living near your place of residence. For the appearance of these trips, make the possibility exists that you get that image that you dream of having.

Take an example. Would you like to photograph an Iberian wolf, a lynx or a puffin, maybe deer rutting season in his or even a flock of vultures eating? All these possibilities exist, are animals in their natural environment in the place where they live, hunt, eat, reproduce.

It is actually a very interesting tourism, in which you give the hand directly to nature. Photograph is a living being, a feeling that no city or monument can never give you.


Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, La Palma del Condado


Published: Fri, 28/10/2016 - 14:28

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