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Article title: Environmental campaign “Cleaning Bolaños”

The youth department of the Bolaños de Calatrava Council launched an environmental campaign tackling the street cleaning several years ago. This campaign is an important matter in the development of the whole city nowadays.

Bolaños de Calatrava is a Small city in the center of Spain. It is located in Castilla La Mancha. I guess that anybody sound this region, but If I tell you that it is the Don Quijote de la Mancha area perhaps you know more than you believed at the beginning. Hence, this region is known in an international context for this marvellous play of the Spanish literature.


However, this article is not written to make honour to the literature of Cervantes, but to introduce this fantastic city and the environmental campaign that the Bolaños de Calatrava Council is developing and the results got.


This campaign started to be launched through the youth department of the City Hall after realizing that the city was not clean enough. Nevertheless, talking about environmental campaigns is really general, due to the fact that environment covers many matters. Thus, it would be better to say that this campaign is about the Bolaños street cleaning.


The first step to satart the initiative was to make an analysis about the specific problems and anecdotes related to the street cleaning. The survey was done by the municipality workers and councillors and by members of the Bolaños associations and clubs. In the same way, the rest of the population had the opportunity to participate throughout an online questionnaire and sending proposed by e-mail to the council.


All of the participants presented specific daily problems and some solutions to those. Them, the City Hall workers collected the ideas and elaborated an action plan of the “Cleaning Bolaños” campaign.


With regard to the actions planned was the following:

  • A posters and slogan contest about “Cleaning Bolaños”
  • The City Hall promoted a meeting where citizen propose ideas.
  • The council made a meeting to present the ideas planed.
  • “Bolaños cleaning” activities to aware the camps, summer schools and leisure centres children about the stuff.
  • Ecological hiking trails with associations.
  • “Cleaning Bolaños” Sessions with power point presentations, awareness dynamics and ecological workshops to children in schools.
  • Scholar patrols during the school breaks in order to aware children.
  • “Cleaning Bolaños” Drawing, tales and comics contests to children of the schools.
  • “Cleaning Bolaños” gymkhanas to aware children in schools.
  • The Childhood department of the council offered educational resources to teachers like the webquest “Cleaning Bolaños”
  • The council sent a letter to owner of counted pets in order to notice that they must to take off the excrements of their pets to avoid being sued.
  • A pet beauty contest to aware about the hygiene of the pets and about the collection of dogs excrements to the population.
  • Bins to table of the bars in order to people avoid dumping waste to the bar´s floor.
  • Giant bins to put on the middle of events.
  • Informative posters and flyers in the street flowerpots to avoid it being used like a bin.
  • To offer food and gummies shops free small bags to try that citizen throw seed´s shells to the floor.
  • To elaborate put posters over the wall streets.
  • Information about the campaign in the municipality web.
  • Advertisements about the campaign in the local radio.
  • Radio programmes about the campaign.
  • To spread information through the new technology.
  • Elaboration of brochures and leaflets to offer information to the population.
  • Dissemination of information during the events and local parties and fairs.
  • To put stickers in the containers where people can see the properly timetable to put the waste and what kind of rubbish is properly to that container.
  • To offer information about the different sort of containers.
  • To offer information about the cleaning point in Bolaños putting posters and making pamphlets and booklets.
  • To put informative posters about pet´s excrements and sanctions in gardens, etc.
  • To make an environmental bylaw.
  • To create a work table about “Cleaning Bolaños”
  • To sue people who don’t pick up the excrements of their pets.

 All of these measures, which have been planned by the Bolaños population with the City Hall, developed during the last have given really positives results. So, they have let the local administration obtain dates about their environmental situation and about the level of awareness of their population with this matter. Among the results scientifically extracts of this experience, we can say the following:


  • It has been reduced the 80% of the waste of the floor during the events and fairs.
  • Population don not pick off seeds or chewing gums to the floor.
  • The 65% of the Bolaños population pick up the excrement of their pets.
  • There is an increased of the use of the clean point with regard to three years ago.
  • An increase of a 50% in the use of the bins.
  • The cigarette butts in the street flowerpots has been reduced.
  • The 100% of children and teenagers know the “Cleaning Bolaños” campaign.
  • The 85% of children and teenagers respect and practice the “Cleaning Bolaños” campaign rules. Even they show these to their families.

As a conclusion, taking like a reference the dates got in the experience of Bolaños. We could hazard to say that when the whole population is involved in a project and they take part in its elaboration and development, the project is going to be success.


From the same position, we might affirm that these results lets us know that if a part of the administration start to develop a project and them, the rest of department join to the same project and work in the same direction, the administration is betting for the absolute success in the matter. One example of this is the “Cleaning Bolaños” Campaign, which started from the youth department and is developed by all departments and special for the environmental area nowadays.


Hence, make projects taking into account participants, to the involved people, and the transversal topics talked from the whole perspectives guarantee the success and the development of the planning. Hence, the positive ideas of work are those which go growing and spreading with the time.



Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Bolaños de Calatrava



Published: Wed, 03/08/2016 - 14:02

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