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Training for the mobility of workers in the field of youth

The participation of the workers in the field of youth in educational projects and the acquisition of competency are the key objectives of The Erasmus + Programme.

The work supported by the Erasmus Programme+ in the field of youth provides for both youngsters and workers the opportunity to acquire competency and grow and develop as individuals by means of both a formal and informal training period.


The Erasmus Programme reinforces their activity in educational matters helping the professional development of the workers in the field of youth by means of the execution of activities such as transnational or international seminars, educational courses, acts of sharing, study visits as well as learning by observation or periods abroad in an organization active in the field of youth.


The activity should be developed in one of the participating organisations, and it will last  between two days and two months. There is no limit age, participants should reside in the country of their organisation of origin or destination. Up to 50 people will be able to participate in each planned activity of the project, including trainers and facilitators.


The training projects must produce results of high quality learning for the participants and strengthen the abilities and international reach of the organisations.


The commission assesses the international dimension of the youth activities and the role of workers and organizations in the field of youngsters as support structures for the youngsters which complement the action outside the EU.


Throughout the year 2014, various training projects have been approved in Spain for the mobility of workers with youngsters in all the Autonomous Communities to a total value of 1,000,116 euros. For example, in Aragón projects that have been approved have given the opportunity for training  97 professionals who work with youngsters and are generators and transmitters of the acquired skills and best practices.


An example of the training that has been undertaken in Aragón is the course Towards sustainable living and self-reliance, organised by the entity Viaje a la Sostenibilidad (Journey to sustainablility), where experts in youth themes and technicians work with the youngsters from seven different countries to train them in sustainable living and self-reliance in the region of Matarraña.


At the moment there are two projects underway: a seminar entitled Formase para Formar (To be formed to form), organised by the Fundación Canfranc (Canfranc Foundation)  and a course on Urban Ecology, Youth Democracy and Public Participation, organised by the entity Fondo Natural (Natural Background).

Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Instituto Aragonés de Juventud.


Published: Thu, 29/01/2015 - 08:56

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