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Youth Guarantee, to reduce unemployment for under 25 years old

Youth Guarantee, a package of measures which goal is to improve the access of youngsters to employment. Through educational and training actions, internships and mediation programs try to provide high quality employment to youngsters.

In December 2012, the European Commission launched a package of measures to address youth employment, due to the severe employment situation of this group in the European Union. One of the first measures is the establishment of the Youth Guarantee, which aims to get all youngsters under 25 years of age a good-quality, concrete offer within 4 months of them leaving formal education or becoming unemployed. The good-quality offer should be for a job, apprenticeship, traineeship, or continued education and be adapted to each individual need and situation. Youth Guarantee obtainded good results in Finland and Sweden, where an 83.5% and 68% of young people respectively found an opportunity within a period of three months.

Except for exceptional cases, such as Germany or Austria, where youth unemployment has declined in recent months all EU countries have increased the number of unemployed under 25. In the case of Spain, figures are more significant, from 12.2% in 2007 to 18.8% in 2012, a 4% more than the European average.

According European Agency Eurofund, who analyzes life and work conditions in Europa, the fiscal cost of the implementation of the European security would be lower than the inaction price, which represents the cost of social exclusion, poverty, psicological treatment, etc.

The Youth Guarantee will run in Spain through national Estrategia de Emprendimiento y Empleo Joven 2013-2016. For implementing this strategy, Europe allocates a total of 1.887 billion euro to Spain, from the European Social Fund (EFS) and other specific budget. The budget comes from the Youth Employment Initiative, open to regions with youth unemployment above 25%, which was approved in February 2013.

EFS plans to launch a series of measures to make the youth guarantee a reality; training of the Public Employment Services staff, support to organizations and youth services, campaigns of awareness, language training, or the granting of credits to the new hiring of young people.

For the proper functioning of the guarantee, Spanish Employment and Social Security Office has defined what would consider scenarios of success, in line with Brussels guidelines:

Job offer: It should ensure that the young one, on the basis of their personal characteristics, including age, training and experience, have the opportunity to gain a sustainable and valid inclusive working experience. Job offers in this category must be of at least six months. Part-time offers must be of at least 50% of the ordinary day. Job offers which are launched directly by public employment services, including those of the EURES system, private agencies and enterprises shall be considered.

Training action: It is all which brings the young attended training or training in areas such as languages, information and communications technologies, among others, with a minimum time of 150 hours for people without training/experience and 90 hours for those who don’t need it.

Educational action: participation in "second-chance" programs or vocational training of middle or superior degree of vocational training.

Action of long life vocational training: will be which is offered within the framework of vocational training for employment, including calls for commitment to recruitment training.

Learning post: workstation with a contract of training and learning, as well as in a schools program workshop or houses of offices.

Training post: Working post with trainee contract regulated in the Statute of workers or in a position of non-labor practices in the regulated companies in the Real Decreto 1543/2011.

Actions for self-employment and entrepreneurship: actions that will ensure the start of an activity on their own, with sing-up in the special scheme for self-employed workers of the Spanish Social Security and Self-employed Workers Regime.

Measures or programs to young people not enrolled or have not demanded attention: Measures or programs aimed at all young people which facilitate access to information about the services and support available in the youth guarantee scheme or measures and programs based on intervention and early activation targeting young people furthest from the labor market.


Written by Daniel Pérez Torralbo, President of Cantabria@Europaqualified multiplier Eurodesk

Published: Fri, 07/03/2014 - 10:56

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