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The Person-centered planning (PCP), is the result of the constant evolution in the processes of social intervention, which take off of transcendental form from the 60s and nowadays it continues their great transformation.

The model is based on the beginning of self-determination.

 It tends to recognize the capacity of every person to manage his own Project of life. It provides to the subject of protagonism in his taking decisions in significant areas of his day by day.

His needs, interests, likes, are the backbone of the social intervention, for which, the professional, the institution, they stop being the center of the intervention.

Until now, the technician was possessing the status of wise person, of expert, who decides how it is necessary  to be the vital path of that one that comes to his service.

According to the model PCP, the history of each one, the expectations, the plan of future, go through to be determinants in the planning in his different levels.

 The model PCP, does not concentrate on the limitations of the person, if not in his capacities.

The principles that underlie in this model are: autonomy, rights, capacity and inclusion.

Professional and user work together at the design of an itinerary with agreed by consensus, shared steps, with an accessible, easy language.

The technician turns into facilitator of the process, articulating means and supports in the process of incorporation, and the user assumes the reins of his project of life.

This model, revolutionizes resources, institutions, methodologies of work, spaces and times.

Of great revolutions great  achievements.

Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Segovia


Published: Thu, 17/08/2017 - 12:16

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