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About 30% of the population has reading difficulties, for various reasons (immigration, poor education, dyslexia, senility, intellectual disability ...).

This lack marginalizes in a society based on information and knowledge. Easy Reading wants to provide solutions to help alleviate this problem.

Not everyone can read fluently and how it is written or presented information can exclude different sectors of the population, especially those who have trouble reading and writing or understanding.

We call the method easy to read adaptation and copywriting to make information accessible to people with reading difficulties and understanding.

All text created and adapted this technique follow, at European level, the guidelines of the IFLA( International Federation of Library Association and Institutions) regarding language, content and form and is also recognized, in the case of Spain, by the ALF (Easy Reading Association) located in Barcelona.

This technique emerged in northern Europe in the late S.XX. Currently, this methodology is implemented in Spain with much acceptance for their high demand by the beneficiary groups.

Easy Reading materials are books, documents, web pages, etc., for people with reading difficulties made with special care.

The beneficiaries of this new trend may be permanently (people with intellectual or sensory impairment, neuropsychological disorders or elderly) or transient (foreigners with little knowledge of the host language, functional illiterate or late school attendance).

In Spain, the Association of Easy Reading in the web provides information, in English and Spanish, about training courses for adaptation and energize reading clubs with this methodology. It also provides an updated catalog of titles published and a sitemap in which we find reference bookstores that sell this type of publications around the country.

Internationally, the IFLA website represents readers and cultural interests of all groups.

Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, InterEuropa, La Rioja

Paskelbta: P, 24/02/2014 - 15:16

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