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Mobility Opportunities

Movilidad europea
Europa ofrece multitud de oportunidades de movilidad.
Spanish institutions are aware of the importance of keeping up with the level requested, therefore most of them offer to young students or graduates a wide range of options of mobility opportunities, and not only at a university level, but also at a Vocational one.

Written by José Ramón Ruiz Jiménez, Eurodesk Multiplier of Burgos.

Nowadays we live in a globalized world, and having our resume adapted to this context is a key core to have in mind when launching our career. That is why an International experience of studies or training is an added value that will definitely help to open some doors in our professional future, besides being and unforgettable experience for the person who goes through it.


Within all the opportunities Europe is offering us, we can name several well known programs such as Erasmus, Comenius, Leonardo da Vinci or Grundtvig among others.


The first one, Erasmus program, allows centres of higher education in possession of the Erasmus Chart to offer their students the chance to experience a period of their studies abroad that can vary from three up to twelve months.


This is the most popular part of the program, and the better valued between students of several countries due to thanks to the Erasmus Programs many students have been given an opportunity that they could not have had any other way.


But there is another side of this program, equally valuable, consisting on letting students do a period of their professional practices abroad, for that institutions are required to hold an Extended Erasmus Chart. The term of the internship goes from three up to twelve months.


Therefore, the Erasmus program tries to provide members of the educational systems with an integral training, that is why it is not limited to students of the institutions, but also teachers and trainers can participate in this program.


On the other side, for those not willing to leave their hometowns for such a long period, we can find other programs, also within the Erasmus Program, such us Intensive Programs, that consists on short study programs directed to students and teachers of higher education centres, and which length is from ten days up to six weeks.


Other of the programs of the European Commissions is the Leonardo da Vinci Program that funds mobility actions of students of Vocational Training Schools, people already in the working market, teachers, trainers, and also personnel, associations and representatives of participants in the education, companies…


As it is shown, it reaches a wide range of profiles to offer the opportunity to those interested in having an International traineeship experience, and to entrepreneurs and companies wiling to host a person from a different country than their own.


Besides the programs mentioned above, Leonardo Da Vinci also offers other projects, such as Multilateral Programs of Innovation Transfer, Leonardo da Vinci Associations and Preparatory Visits, as well as Multilateral Programs of Development of Innovation and Thematic Nets.


Both programs, Erasmus and Leonardo da Vinci are only two of the many mobility options that the European Commission offers in the field of higher education, which are greatly embraced and by the students and offered by most of the Spanish centres.

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