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Youth animation in Spain.

animación juvenil
La animación juvenil es una salida laboral muy demandada.
There are about twelve different kind of names for such professionals.

Written by Multiplier of Albacete.

Youth entertainer, community worker, youth mediator, instructor or director of youth leisure activities, instructor of environmental or sociocultural education or any other youth activity, youth information professionals and youth specialists...

A qualification is not always necessary to carry out these professions in Spain. Anyway, a qualification of youth leisure activity instructor is normally required to work as an instructor in a camp or in a workshop. Of course, the more qualifications you have, the more will be your employing possibilities.

Let's try to explain something about the education provided.

In Spain, as well as in other parts of Europe, we can distinguish between Occupational and Vocational Training.


Vocational training.

It belongs to the educational system and it is taught in High Schools.

It is formed by two teaching levels: Intermediate Level Training Courses and Higher Level Training Courses. To gain admittance into the first ones, it is required the possession of at least one of the following qualifications:

- bachelor's degree;

- initial professional qualification programme;

- an entrance examination (if you are 17 years old or more at the end of the year) or a one year Initial Professional Qualification Programme.

It only exists a related qualification, the so called Realizacion of sport activities into the nature. It is the right one to work as a mountain or a touristical guide in bike routes, with horses or mountain clubs. It is really interesting for specializations.

You can get admittance to a Higher Level Training Course through the following options:

- have got a Bachelor's degree

- have passed the second year of any experimental High School degree;

- have passed the University or Pre-University Orientation Course;

- have got a qualification as a specialist, a higher specialist or an equivalent one;

- University degree or equivalent;

- entrance examination (19 years old or more; 18 years old people with a qualification in an Intermediate Level Training Course related with the sector of the course you wish to get admission, before the end of the running year.

There are several qualifications:

  • Physical education and sports animator (working as a coordinator in different sports);
  • Environmental education and control (for environmental education instructors);
  • Sociocultural and touristical animation (animator in daycare, youth and cultural centres). The most complete course is "Higher Specialist in sociocultural animation". It will let you know every field and group in which you can work without a specialization in Youth work. The course lasts two years. Like most of the others.

You can give a sight to the whole catalogue and its exams on the Ministry of Educacion webpage.

You can also get in contact with the Regional Ministries of Educacion to look for the educacion centre who teaches  each kind of specializacion and deadlines for a pre-enrolment.


Occupational Professional Training

Its main purpose is the working reintegration of unemployed people. Not only. It also offers courses directed to employed workers. That is why it is required the registration in a Public Employment Service or being an active worker.

At the end of the course you will receive a professional certification, that is not a university degree. But some exams can be ratified for others from a professional training qualification.

Their length is changeable, but always less than one year.

This is a more practical and less theoretical training, if compared with the previous one.

There are different useful professional certifications in order to work with youngsters. Here is the whole catalogue.

The most appropriate course is "Dinamization (or management and coordination) of children and young leisure activities".

Finally, we are getting to know the qualifications offered by the Spanish regional Youth Departments.

Each regional government offers different qualifications despite these ones propose almost the same contents and work  almost in the same way. They are structured in two hierarchical levels: instructor and director (e.g. instructor and director of leisure or young activities...).

These courses are taught by youth animation schools. They are authorized by the government and they have always been the most appreciated because they are exclusively focused on the youth work and also because they carry out several internships inside working centers. But they cannot be ratified with other qualifications nor they are professional certifications.

Want more information? Get in contact with one of the Youth Information Centers.

Published: Fri, 17/05/2013 - 11:56

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