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Find educational resources in Internet

Dr. Avishai Teicher (Piki Wiki Israel)
Education materials in the web.

Internet has transformed our society and how to find resources or materials education. In the last decades the rapid computer advances have changed and opened new channels of information search in education.

Internet has many resources to find information. We can locate chats , forums, texts ... but How can I find this information? It's very important to know what we need and use the best option to search.

We have to check - synthesis to find what you need more easily. We can use the quotes for a complete search or use in Google the advanced search. There is an option to translate in different languages ​​every web too.

There are also educational portals using many teachers. Another resource is called digital educational resources, digital materials with a design with educational purpose. A material is suitable when it allows us to acquire procedural skills and help us to improve attitudes or values. Such resources have more advantage since the text in hypertext format is structured as a network of connections of blocks of information so we can choose the paths to navigate. The search for resources on the Internet is becoming a huge role for the base of education.

Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Burgos.




Published: Fri, 16/05/2014 - 12:57

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