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Cultural creation

Diversidad cultural
La diversidad cultural enriquece la sociedad europea
Talking about culture many meanings come to our mind, meanings that can be included in others aspects related to the same matter.

We understand culture as the JOIN (we will check the elements in every occasion) that determine a group or a physical ensemble, human or spiritual. Meantime we must be able to distinguish between culture and natural elements, culture gets nourish by them.

Culture, determinates/identifies a society/collectivity, it can be acquired, imposed or just be there in the underground waiting to someone or something should consider it as a part or a total of a certain culture.
Culture is built-in the society, that means, every person, society, village,… has its own culture and can arrange it in the way that they may consider. That’s how we are defining it as an ensemble of values, rules, codes, structures… so will be in that fact where attending to that ensemble we’ll look at the way to project and why not tell it to accept that abstract term, culture.

We’ll got tools which we are going to emphasize the cultural creation, reefing to it we understand included terms as, creativity, imagination, study, accuracy, ethnology... Those cultural elements born from the cultural creation define it base, the support of itself. In that matter and as youth concerning we can talk about youth culture, mass culture, subcultures and/or minority cultures and dominant cultures.
We must be aware that all of them are necessary and each of them it sustains by the other.

Due to all that the culture creation is the base where are sustained all and each of the cultures that benefits the creation of defined identities, self or traits. 
In the fact of cultural creativity the European Union has begun the Creative Europe program, that boosts all european cultural and creative sectors from the year 2014, that program is dedicated to to the sectors of the culture and creation that the European Commission has set for the 2014 – 2020 period.  

On that direction the European Union seen the European cultural diversity and understood as a common benefit tries to foment form the institution the approach of them and to promote action to develop active politics that benefit the creativity.

In the same line the Spanish Government and divers autonomies elaborate creativity engaging programs too, we should highlight art-jove in Majorca which objective is to boost young artists from 16 to 35 years old, and as another program promoted by the Culture Ministry in the Spanish area in concert with INCYDE (Instituto cameral para la creación y desarrollo de empresas) for the creation of business of Cultural and creative Industries which objective is the developing the entrepreneur spirit of new cultural and creative founders.


Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Ayuntamiento de Andratx

Published: Fri, 10/05/2013 - 15:20

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