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How to make a "low cost" movie?

Do you know this feeling, when you´re watching a movie and thinking: “I would do it better, if I had so much money”? Well, this excuse is no longer valid. There are ways to create a short movie without Holywood budget.

Of course, you need to have an Internet access to enjoy the opportunities you get with YouTube, Vimeo and other digital tools.


Like the majority of the great directors, you can start with short movies. It´s a wide genre which allows to tell high-impact stories, that can combine suspence and humor. It´s a good way to learn the process of shooting, and also to get the audience. More than money, you will need a brilliant plot, a lot of imagination and friends to support you as a “broadcasting company”.

“Write an interesting, original script that is possible to realize. Don´t include dinosaurs or difficult action scenes”, - says a young scriptwriter and director, Alina Suárez Aguilera (Moscow, Russia). Then, she adds, you need to think about the locations and costumes: “Ask your friends for whatever you need, even if it´s a judge's robe or a model of the human skull. For example, if I need to shoot a scene with a rabbit, I ask all my friends and will surely find it”.


Alina uses social nets to find actors for her movies: “When I go to the theater, I look for my future actors, then I find their contacts and write to them. Many actors, especially young people, agree to participate for free if they like your idea. So for me the main expenses are the lights and the technical equipment”.


Another young director, Pedro Garcia Gomez (Seville, Spain), has some tricks to create a cheap short: “Something that I use as reflector is a car sunscreen. I also use a skateboard on a table when I need to do sweeps”.


Then, when it´s time to montage, use the programs available on the web. For example, Adobe Premiere is free for 30 days: Here you can find a trial version of Final Cut:


When you're satisfied with your film, you can send it to the contests and festivals. For example, the famous Spanish festival JamesonNotodofilmfest:, which aims to “put the Internet at the service of the cinema as a way to discover new talents, to experiment with a new medium to everyone”.


Another important international contest is Jameson First Shot:, which is open for young filmmakers from Australia, England, Ireland, India, Russia, Africa, USA and Canada. The jury chooses the best script, and the winner takes his short working with world-famous actors like Adrien Brody, Kevin Spacey and Uma Turman.


A clear example of the success that can produce a new film project is the Spanish webserie Malviviendo ( According to its creators, initially they had only 40 euros. But in a short time the serie got fame thanks to thousands of visitors.


Would you like to achieve the same success? Just get it started! And do not give up if the first attempt is full of outtakes.


Written by Anna Askaryan.

Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Vigo.


Published: Thu, 18/06/2015 - 12:42

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