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The "Lindy hop": youth, street and urban dance.

Less than five years that has been developing in Europe a classical dance and it´s spreading among young people from all over Europe, it´s the Lindy Hop.

This dance is unknown why equal to more than 90 years ago it began to cause anger among young people, same happens nowadays. Perhaps because it´s very aerobic, dancing partner and coincides with the current trendy today recover the taste by the vintage. Currently, it´s a dance that has thousands of fans around the world, participating in international workshops, in which dance in squares and public parks for days to the rhythm of swing.

A little story

The lindy hop is a style of dance popularized in New York by African-American dancers in a dance hall called Savoy Balloom. During the "belle époque" fun Savoy dancers danced the Charleston style, incorporating elements of other styles such as the «Texas Tommy», the «Black Bottom» and the «Cakewalk». The Lindy Hop was born when these dancers began to incorporate open positions interspersed them with the traditional closed positions. This opening position is in what is known as 'Whip' or 'Swing Out'.

It´s said that the name "Lindy Hop" arose in this ballroom during a dance contest in 1927 celebrating the achievement of the famous flight of the pilot Charles Lindbergh across the Atlantic Ocean. Lindy was the diminutive of Lindbergh and hop (jump), make reference to "jump" from one coast to another Ocean.

The Lindy Hop quickly spread all over the United States and the edition of Life magazine of August 1943, declared it as "national dance". Eventually, the Lindy Hop evolved in a variety of styles of swing, as West Coast, Jive, Boogie Woogie, Balboa, Wendy… After the second world war, coinciding with the birth of new musical styles, the Lindy Hop almost disappeared, remained forgotten for more than 30 years. In the 80s in parallel in the USA and in Sweden, some people recovered it counting with a living legend of the time, FRANKIE MANNING, choreographer of one of the mythical groups of the era, the "Whitey Lindy Hoppers", and starring with his group, some of the films of 'cult' for the hoppers, as HELZA POPPIN.

"Spirit of St. Louis" project

 A few years ago started in Valencia a community of hoppers, which are connected between them with: energy, intensity and connection between people. Javi and Encarni, souls of the project teach, organize events and develop this idea with lot of swing.

Escrito por David Álvarez.
Multiplicador Cualificando, Valencia

Pubblikat: Tne, 02/03/2015 - 09:42

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