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The intervention for adolescents at risk for drugs

The intervention with adolescents at risk of addiction has the same features that the labor with the rest of the youth population, but the skills to work in this sector must be much more developed.

You need to know as soon as possible, their shortcomings in order to work with them and thus more effectively rely on the resources of the community. Keep in mind that the concept of "teens at risk" is subject to different variables personal, family, social or work and not only those that focus on substance or in the presence of addictive behaviors.

Given the evidence of increased consumption addiction increasingly younger ages in adolescents, and to the failed intervention previous methods focused on harm reduction in young regular users; new intervention programs based on the reduction of direct and indirect risks arises.

One of the fundamental aspects of risk reduction programs is used as a strategy to promote training in adolescents: decision making, responsibility, self-protection and dialogue.

On the one hand, to perform this intervention is necessary to establish the following objectives:
- Perform direct or indirect involvement in the consumer space.
- Create communication channels aimed at promoting responsible and healthy leisure.
- Create channels for training, dialogue and reflection for future actions.

On the other hand, it is necessary to implement a series of actions that can be:
- Workshops about arts, creation or design and training courses on current topics, chosen by the young people themselves, to respond to their request.
- Creation of preventive material, using language and design geared to young people.
- Specific activities, among which are concerts, passacaglia, trips, visits, trips, camps, retreats with youth from other habitat.


Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Ayuntamiento de Conil


Published: Fri, 01/08/2014 - 14:15

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