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Estonian summer night

Summer in Estonia...time to explore!!!

Summer is a period to have a long rest from the school or university, but it can be a wonderful time to explore and learn different things! Here we propose you different options to spend summer in Estonia!

By Paula de la Torre

Language immersion programs, summer courses at the universities, even summer camps focused on salsa dance or handicraft. Summer activities are open for ten year olds to PhD students. Estonia offers a lot of choices to enjoy the summer learning!

It is said that learning a foreign language is easier for children than for adults.  One option to spend summer in Estonia for the youngest people, between 10 and 17 years old, might be applying for the International Language Camp, held in Kloogaranna, from 27th of July until 9th of August. There, they can take advantage to improve their English skills at the same time when they practice other kind of activities like sports or culture and entertaining shows.

 Another option, if you are young, you are living abroad and you are coming to Estonia to spend the summer, is to attend   Joekääru summer camp. Children and teenagers who desire to improve their Estonian skills will be immersed in this language through daily routines, music, sport, arts, Estonian culture and long-lasting Estonian friendships!

But learning during the summer, this is not the only option for children and teenagers. If you are older than 18 years old and you want to have a different summer, Estonia offers a lot of choices for you too!

For example, University of Tartu offers language courses of Estonian and Russian languages that can help you to reach a certificate of knowledge to study or work abroad.

Other option, if you are student and you are interested in technology, can be the Estonian summer school on computer and system science! You can apply until 29th of June!

But not all the choices for students are in Tartu. If you are planning to stay in capital, you have a lot of courses in different fields at the Tallinn University too! Courses in nature, social, educational sciences and also language courses! Don´t miss the opportunity to give extra points to your future career!

However, not everything is studying in life, fortunately! There are also different camps in Estonia focused on leisure and spare time activities!

For example, if you like dancing and you wish to learn something different like salsa, or even perfection you skills in that kind of dance, don´t hesitate to join the Estonian Salsa summer camp, held between 1st and 3th of August in Tallinn.

Another interesting place to learn something different and enjoy is handicraft summer camp. Would you like to have an overview of traditional handicraft techniques from Estonia and to learn the modern usage of ceramics, glass ware or bone items? You are still in time to sign up!.

However, if unfortunately you have already plans for summer, but you would like to participate in a summer camp...don´t worry!!! Keep in mind that during the winter, in January, takes place Sõrve summer camp in Australia!!! So maybe this is the best opportunity to run away from Estonian winter living a different experience in a warm place with warmer people!

So...we think that the most difficult thing can be deciding what you want to do! Have you already chosen what´s the best option for you?