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Science and innovation

Science is something admirable, because this is the thing that keeps society growing and developing.


Science is something admirable, because this is the thing that keeps society growing and developing. Inventions and scientific researches have brought us where we are today, from Stone Ages. Fire, electricity, gravity, phone, bike etc- these are the examples of the greatest discoveries of human race. It is said that a person uses only 10-15% of their brain. What would happen to us, when we could use even 10% more? How intelligent, powerful and smart would we be then? We do not know that and the same way we can not predict these inventions, scientific discoveries and innovative ideas that are still waiting to be discovered by the society. We will not get to them before we lie down a advantageous path. Gladly Estonia will.

In Estonia, science and innovation are loved and valued. The most known and noted science centre is definietly AHHAA, which is located both in Tallinn and Tartu and offers discovering new things for young and old people. It comprises of different inventions, experiments and attempts, so one can learn science through games. AHHAA Science Centres popularity is clearly shown by the number of visitors.

The other biggest science centre in Tallinn is Energia Discovery centre, where people are taught and shown different energies and other science based discoveries, attempts and experiments. This centres aim is also to stimulate curiosity, fun in discoveries and getting to know science and technology through exciting experiences. In addition, bigger universities ofter have their own science and innovation centres that develop young peoples intrests. These kinds of centres and divisions are a very advantageous soil to grow intrest in science, experiments and how things really work for children and young people.

Also innovation is very engaged in Estonia – in schools, children are encouraged to think of new solutions or given intresting projects to make something better, grown-ups have an opportunity to show their innovation in enterpreneurship areas. Different endeavours, for example Brainhunt, advocate creative thinking, generating new ideas and develop courage. Also a TV-show was held for young students called Rakett69, where in every episode, teams of students had to come up with different solutions to different problems. The popularity of the show and also of Brainhunt show, that Estonians are the nation of science and innovation.

But why is this all necessary? Why is it necessary for the country to support innovation and science and why is it necessary to have people who deal with these branches? Mostly because then the country will be sustainable, continous, always developing, so citizens could deal with developing themselves and creative thinking and find new ways and solutions for problems. Estonia can be proud, because we have a lot of citizens, who are intrested in science and innovation.