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Physical health

From when we were kids, attention was always drawn on our health and healthy way of living.

From when we were kids, attention was always drawn on our health and healthy way of living. We have to ride our bikes, take part of running competitions, hike in the woods and attend trainings. As a child, we take it as a natural part of life, because back then we had more energy and willingness, which allowed us to run around. But the older we get, the more we tend to stay inside. We are attracted by the internet and the computer, broadcasts shown on TV, books, schoolwork etc. Whatever the factor is, staying at home all the time is not good for our physical health.

Why so? Because sedentary way of living does not burn the calories you have consumed during the day and weight gain comes easily. You may not see it at first, but after some months you even start feeling it instead of just seeing it. You “run out of steam” with ease, you tend to sweat a lot and it is hard to be active for a long period of time. In addition, sitting by the computer is bad for our carriage and also damages our eyes. Therefore curved back and eyesight problems are easily faced.

One needs to be physically active so his weight stays normal, his head and eyes could rest from TV, computer and homework, also so hig carriage and general body posture would improve. Necessary minimal physical load does not have to be burdening! Walking or running some kilometers per week, attending workouts few times a week, using the stares instead of elevators and prefer walking instead of driving is sufficient!

Thankfully childrens physical health is valued in Estonian educational system. Usually, physical education classes are held twice a week and a lot of schools arrange swimming- classes, different competitions and even sport-camps. Being sportive is in fashion, because usually the most popular kids in school are members of football or basketball teams, dancers or competitors in track and field. Sport is cool- it brings people together and makes them physically healthy and beautiful!

In addition of being sportive, one has to observe nutrition. Calorifacient and vitamin deficient foods are torture to your body, drinks that are carbonated and full of sweeteners are not good for intestines and constant snacking instead of healthy meals is exhausting for your stomach. Doctors and nutrition specialists recommend eating roots, fruits, vegetables and fish daily. These foods are good for our health, body and spirit!

Being physically healthy means also being disease and pill free. When we live an active life, then the probability of being ill is much smaller. Still, in Estonian climate, it is good to add vitamins to your everyday nutrition, especially during winter when there is a lack of sun.

Doing all things mentioned above, we will keep our immune system strong and healthy, while deterring all diseases and being genuinely happy!