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Mental health

Mental health

A lot is being discussed about physical acivity and that people should be mobile to maintain great appearances and to be in good health.

A lot is being discussed about physical acivity and that people should be mobile to maintain great appearances and to be in good health. It is true, that part of healthy way of living is sufficient activity, but it is also important to take care of your mental health

It is not a coincidence, when a person looks beautiful from the outside, but inside he is tired and burdened. Gym can sculpture your body, but the same amount of time should be spent on designing your mind. Fortunately, there are a lot of options to do this.

Firstly, the most accessible and easy way is definitely reading books. They are the perfect option to feed our mind and intelligence, because books raise discussions and need analyzing. Whilst some books in the stores are quite expensive, luckily Estonian libraries are advanced and offer us a wide selection of reading materials. The best part about the library books is that you can lend them for free! Some libraries even have reading halls, where you can comfortably focus on the book.

Meditation has become more popular than ever together with spiritual journies. Apart from tourist trips, spiritual journies depict a group of people, who travel to India or Israel, to together find their “inner me”. Actually, meditation does not need travelling- a person can meditiate even in his own home with enough silence, peace and good energy.

Though the economical crisis hit the society hard and had a lot of negative aftermath, it made people rethink their values. Instead of materiality, spirituality and the balance of the mind became more important. Yoga lessons, meditating, reiki, deliberating breathing and five rythm dances became popular. All of these offer an energizing cocktail to our mental health.

The appraisal of nature has also been acknowledged. People have left cities and moved back to the country-side. Others take part of hikes and go to the forest to pick mushrooms. All of this is very important to our mental health, because even an hour or two in the woods, influences us very positively.

Spirituality is a big part of our “being”, our thoughts and emotions. Therefore should everybody take time to focus on our mental “me”.