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European Voluntary Service

Voluntary service represents one of the noblest ways of showing your goodwill and contributing to the development of the world.


Voluntary service represents one of the noblest ways of showing your goodwill and contributing to the development of the world. The form, type and scale of voluntary activities varies to a great extent – for example, you could voluntarily help your friend and design a poster for him, or you might give your friend a hand on organizing an event. You could voluntarily do your bit in cleaning up the urban space or giving assistance to others who are less capable than you. Alternatively, you might take a walk with animals from pet shelters or donate your clothes to centres of reuse. You can give your contribution on a provincial or state level, and even on the cross-European scale!


Although it is great to be involved with voluntary activities in one’s homeland, giving your share abroad might have even higher importance and serve a broader mission. Helping others in a foreign country gives an additional opportunity of getting to know a different culture and new people. One might even learn another language, and on top of it all – living in a new cultural space will undoubtedly offer numerous moments of seeing oneself in a new light. It’s a quite well established fact that being away from the usual environment often provides us with opportunities for reflecting over our lives, doings and choices, it enables us to come to good terms with ourselves, and enhances finding balance, peace and a clearer perspective of the future.


For example, it is possible do voluntary service in Africa where several voluntary activities involve teaching children and giving contribution to improvements in world education. Voluntary activities may also take you to Asia where focus is frequently on cleaning the surroundings and raising awareness of protecting the environment. However, it might be simplest and safest to be a volunteer in Europe, which is the most popular pick as a large variety of options ensures conformity with each possible preference.


Volunteer projects can be either long-term or short-term. In other words – youth can invest their experiences and knowledge into a voluntary project over a whole year or for a couple of months; it depends on the specific project and the discretion of the volunteer.


What activities do the projects involve? Europe is big and wide, and the assortment of voluntary projects is just as diverse. Some projects look for volunteers who would help to organize music or theatre festivals, several projects seek volunteers who would give their hand in a youth centre, by arranging various events, games and exiting activities for local youngsters. There are projects which give opportunities for staying in a mountain village or a seaside port in order to raise environmental awareness and to improve the skills of preserving the environment, by organizing different events and projects for the locals.


European Voluntary Service (EVS) is one of the safest and most popular ways of giving one’s contribution to Europe. The host organization takes care of the volunteer who is introduced with the local life and given support on finding the place of residence as well as first new friends. The volunteer will hold down a job and will even receive monthly pocket money!


If you’d ask about the obtained experiences someone who has already completed voluntary service, it is quite probable that you will receive only positive replies. As an example – majority of volunteers learn a new language, become acquainted with new cultures and traditions, find cool friends all other the world and gather invaluable experiences which are incomparable to those encountered at home. It is rather common that voluntary activities enable the volunteers to figure out what they would like to study in the future, where they would like to live and which profession they would like to pursuit. The program of European Voluntary Service has been a major change and turning-point for numerous volunteers, in addition to spending the time of their lives while giving their contribution!


Use your opportunities, and get involved with voluntary activities in Estonia and across Europe. It’s worth a million to believe those who have tried it – voluntary service has countless merits!