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Enrolling to university in Estonia

Enrolling to university in Estonia. About higher education institutions in cities.

Welcome to Estonia:  preparatory computer-based tution free course "Estonian Language and Mind"  is followed from Dutch, English, German, Greek, Hungarian, Russian, Italian, French, or Romanian language. More information about Estonian history, faith, and culture you can find on ESTONICA.


The most of Estonians are graduating from gymnasium as secondary school within maths and science, natural science, or arts and languages pathway. It can be vocational secondary school, or post-secondary vocational school as well, or post-secondary private institution to study Law, Business, Informatics, or Christianity.


Students from Baltics can enroll to study in Riga at the Stockholm School of Economics. Self-educated society is different from public education. Estonian Business School, or Estonian School of Diplomacy educates people within international level, even from China they will come to study in Europe. Many private universities in Estonia had doctoral level studies before disappearing into part of public universities. 


Internationally respected upper educational public institutions in Estonia are University of Tartu, Tallinn University, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonian University of Life Sciences, Estonian Academy of Security Sciences, Baltic Defence College, Estonian Avitation Academy, Estonian Maritime Academy.


From the University of Tartu to world class science, the most remarkable recent research achievements have been in the fields of molecular and cell biology, gene technology, immunology, pharmacology, laser medicine, materials science, laser spectroscopy, biochemistry, environmental technology, theoretical computer science, and psychology.


Tallinn University of Technology has an office in Silicon Valley, California. University has a strong multicultural student body, many international professors, great cooperation with the world's top universities (e.g., Berkeley, Stanford, Aalto, Shanghai Jiao Tong) and with international companies (e.g., Microsoft, Samsung, Skype, etc.).


After completion advanced level training from hobby schools, tutors, or private vocational sessions can apply into academic studies into arts and languages field. Some prominent schools in Estonia are Tallinn Ballet School, Viljandi Culture Academy, Tartu Art College, Estonian Academy of Arts, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Baltic Film and Media School and universities have academic arts and languages studies. Some people just practicing arts and languages, making their own standards, and they never enroll to study but receiving later an honorary doctorate by working into this field.