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Health and well-being

A person is created to be happy, but what is the thing that makes us happy?

A person is created to be happy, but what is the thing that makes us happy? There can not be one answer, because we are delighted by different things. As much as there are different people, there are different sources of happiness. Although they can be expressed differently, the most similar options are the same – love, health, close friends, money, balance and satisfaction, good job and comfy home. To maintain health and joy, it is important to find your balance and your personal sources of happiness.

It is said, that a person can not only think negative thoughts and look downright positive. Also it is impossible for a person to tell only negative things and look positive while doing it. We heavily project our thoughts and our way of seeing the world to others. Our thoughts become words, words become action, action becomes way of living and way of living becomes our character. So all begins with merely thoughts. Our thoughts blaze the trail to our health and satisfaction.

It is wise to glorify our health. Sadly people do not understand this, while being younger, because then no health problems occur.  We are healthy, our hands-legs are moving nicely and we feel great even at sufficient physical load. Due to this, we frequently treat our body and organism roughly – we do not eat healthy and diversified, meals are too infrequent, we are not enough/too much active and we do not pay attention to the signs of our organism. In oldness we curse and regret – why did I not eat more vitamins? Why did I colour my hair so often? etc.

To keep our well-being positive in our youth and oldness, it is clever to take care of yourself. But what even is well-being? It is as diverse as grandmothers jam – containing a roof over your head, food on your table, clothes on your body and fulfilling all of your other needs, so the pyramid would be perfect.

Well- being is still very comparative, because what is good for one, may not be good for the other. Our well-being lies with our needs, requirements and criteria. Some of us just need a simple house, warm food and some clothes, others want to buy something new every month, dine in restaurants and live in luxury. The most important thing is to be happy from the inside. Am I balanced? Am I happy because of my actions, proud of my achievements? Do I have friends to trust and family to rely on? Because money, luxury, expensive products are insignificant- most important things in life are free!

Like said in the book “Little Prince” – “the most important thing is invisible for the eye”. This also applies to health and well-being. The things that often make us the happiest are not touchable, seen, perceived or rated. They are small moments of happiness that are memorized for life. Therefore it is important to look things in your life more closely and analyze – what makes me happy? And how can I make others happy?

Well-being is important for everybody. For me, you, grandfather, mother and aunt, but also for the cat and dog and other pets! When appreciating the small things, bring them to your and others everyday life. It makes you feel good- and while feeling good, your mental and physical health will be good!

Published: Fri, 04/10/2013 - 11:33

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